Veteran’s Car Spotted With most BRUTAL Bumper Sticker About Liberal Candidates

The Democrat primary only had two main candidates, but there was no shortage of craziness.

Bernie Sanders attracted from the far-Left as the Santa Claus candidate. He wants free healthcare like Democrats have wanted for decades, but that’s not all. You can add college and child care to the list of freebies that Bernie wants us to all enjoy at the taxpayer’s expense.

He had also proposed nearly $20 trillion in new tax hikes (over ten years)… and even that wouldn’t have been enough to cover all the programs he promised. He also wanted to break up the big banks, bu when pressed on how exactly that would to be done, he couldn’t explain the logistics of it. Who thought that a socialist wouldn’t understand how business works?

Hillary wasn’t much better, especially because Bernie’s presence in the race forced her to sway further to the Left. Of course, her insanity stretches far beyond her political stances, as we’ve learned from decades of seeing her in the public eye.

A veteran’s truck was spotted recently with a few predictions about the 2016 election, and it couldn’t be any more spot on.


Veterans haven’t forgotten about Benghazi, or how the Democrat Party has treated them. According to the Morning Consult, “Almost half of veterans and voters who belong to veteran households (47 percent) picked Donald Trump as their presidential nominee in surveys taken from May 13 through May 24. Of the 1,668 military voters polled, only 38 percent support former Secretary of State and first lady Hillary Clinton, the likely Democratic nominee. Fourteen percent of military voters remain undecided.”

Veterans (and those currently serving) don’t want a candidate like Hillary who disrespects those in the armed forces, and takes tens of millions of dollars from countries like Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and the United Arab Emirates. Hillary gives special favors to her donors, and nobody should want a President on the dole of the Muslim world.

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