Service Members & Veterans: Do You Know About These VA Benefits?

Happy New Year 2017!

Forget that most of the reportage of the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) this past year has been negative. Why? Because the odds are you are not aware of these VA benefits that will help make you and your family’s year much better!

In no particular order of importance:

Free Tax Preparation 

Death Benefits

A U.S. flag may be requested to drape over the casket and families may request a Presidential Memorial Certificate to honor the deceased loved ones service. And the VA also provides free headstones or grave markers.

Life insurance

Servicemembers are automatically enrolled into Group Life Insurance (SGLI) when joining the service or are attending their respective military academies, ROTC, or National Guard. Within fifteen months after leaving the service, veterans may enroll into Veterans Group Life Insurance (VGLI) with lifetime coverage.

Home & Refinance Loans

There is a large body of information on these topics: foreclosuresbenefits of a VA loan; mythsFAQs; tipsand refinance loan options.

Long-term care

This covers aid and attendance for those unable to care for themselves.

Education and Training

Certification opportunities

There are two options for seeking a certification: using the VA HR Academy or using your GI Bill benefits for your own choice of school.

Military and Veteran Discounts

Money & Finance

VA Dental Insurance Program

American Corporate Partners (ACP)

ACP is a nonprofit organization engaged in national corporate career counseling for active military returning to the civilian workforce. There are more than 60 companies that work with them. The group also works with “veteran service organizations, professional groups and military transition programs.”

Veteran, Military Transition & Military Spouse Job Information and Resources

Transition Assistance Program (TAP)

TAP is,

A partnership with the Departments of Defense (DoD), Veterans Affairs (VA), Transportation and the Department of Labor’s Veterans’ Employment and Training Service (VETS).  It was established to meet the needs of separating service members (and their spouses) during their period of transition into civilian life by offering job-search assistance and related services.”

State Veterans Benefits

Many vets are not aware that their own state has benefits for you. This website has a link to each of the 50 states and Washington, D.C. as well as the four U.S. Territories of Guam, Puerto Rico, the Northern Mariana Islands, and the U.S. Virgin Islands.

Every servicemember and veteran should check and see how many of these might benefit them in 2017!

Good luck!

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Chuck Yarling has had many titles in his career thus far: veteran, engineer, math teacher, consultant, technical writer, book author and publisher, and triathlete. He was a member the Military Order of the Purple Heart and Bugles Across America, which plays Taps at military funerals and special events. Spec. 5 Chuck Yarling served with the 26th Combat Engineering Battalion in Vietnam as an awards clerk. His service with the U.S. Army resulted in being awarded the Bronze Star, Purple Heart, and Army Commendation Medal. You may reach Chuck at [email protected]

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