A newsroom was evacuated after a package from a jihadist group with a vial supposedly containing a sample of Ebola was received.

The vial, along with a letter that stated that the liquid in the plastic bottle contained the virus, was received in a major newsroom. After the mailroom was evacuated on Monday, the vial was swabbed for fingerprints and DNA, according to the New York Post.

The newsroom where the vial was sent was later confirmed to be the New Zealand Herald. Currently, officials are reporting the vial to be a suspected hoax, and Auckland Police are assuring the public that the risk of contamination is “almost non-existent.”


The vial was still sent off for testing at Australia’s Victorian Infectious Diseases Reference Laboratory, but the results are expected to take a few days.


Let’s hope this is just a sick hoax. It doesn’t come as a surprise that jihadist groups would try to use Ebola as a biological weapon to take down other countries. Even if this proves to be a false alarm, could this be a dry-run to test response for a future operation? If you were trying to kill large-amounts of people with as little casualties to yourself as possible, this would be a pretty efficient way to do it.


-Courtesy of Mad World News

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