Victim Speaks Out After Beating By Thugs Over #MikeBrown (VIDEO)

From KMOV: According to the 43-year-old victim, a man in his early 20’s asked to use his cell phone. When the victim declined to let the suspect use his cell phone, the suspect sat next to him and asked what he thought about the “Mike Brown situation.” When the victim responded that he had not thought much about it, the suspect began punching him in the face, according to the police report.

“I think it was disgusting that no one [helped],” the victim said. “People were sort of laughing and smiling about it. No one offered to help and no one attempted to call 911.”

Video surveillance of the incident showed two other men participated in the assault, police said.

When the MetroLink stopped at the Forest Park station, a security officer boarded the train and saw the assault taking place. The suspects left the MetroLink and the security guard notified police of the incident.

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