VICTORY! French BAN Burqini’s on French Riviera For This AWESOME REASON!


The French just did something AMAZING and banned burqini’s on Cannes beaches because wearing terrorist looking clothes shows allegiance to terrorists.

burqini banned

RT – The decree was initially signed on July 28, and is set to remain in force until August 31, French media reported. People who are seen wearing burqinis on the beach will first be verbally told to change their swimwear or leave. If they refuse to comply, they will be fined €38. The town’s head of municipal services, Thierry Migoule, said the ruling doesn’t ban the wearing of religious symbols on the beach completely, but only ostentatious clothing which refers to an allegiance to terrorist movements which are at war with us.

Would you want to visit a French beach and see women walking around dressed in table clothes and curtains? No. I can see enough of that at a Phish concert with hippy girls who are attractive and know how to party.

If I saw hundreds of burqini women on a beach, then I’d wonder what the occasion was and what was about to explode.

Sorry Muslim gals, but you all dress way too hideous.

It’s OK to dress subtle, but to cover 100% of your body and face takes you back to the 1800’s and we’re not in the 1800’s.

You Muslim ladies need to revolutionize yourselves and dress the way YOU want to dress. Not the way your “man” wants you to dress.

I see Muslim guys on the beach in board shorts, spritzing themselves with SPF30, no shirts on, riding waves on a boogey board and having fun. Then I see their MISERABLE Muslim girlfriend sitting on a towel, covered in sweat, head to toe garment, and hating her life.

I now understand why Muslim women might want to blow themselves up, because living a life in a curtain looking outfit because you’re scared to dress fancy must be horrible.

I don’t understand why ANY women continue to be or dress Muslim. It sounds and looks like NO FUN.

Thank you Frenchmen for keeping your beaches full of beauty, even if there’s rumors that French women don’t shave their armpit hair.

One revolution at a time folks. Let’s get those Muslim women free from the tyrants and get them in a real bikini! Maybe next year the Muslim women go topless in Ibiza?

I know there’s some hot Muslim women hiding under those sheets. They just need some courage to let it all hang out! Muslim men need to understand that if another man checks out your lady, that it’s actually a compliment and you’ve done a great job scoring a looker.

C’mon Muslim girls, watch some old Madonna clips and express yourself.

Even better, watch a Sir Mix-A-Lot video and put them on the glass.

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