VICTORY! – Here’s what the Iranian president told his people about the nuke deal


From Right Scoop: Iranian President Hassan Rouhani basically told his people that they had won victory in the nuclear negotiations. The biggest thing he said they’d gotten was an immediate removal of all sanctions once the deal is signed by the Obama administration. He also claimed that the heavy water reactor used to make plutonium will keep on chugging as it has with 1,000 centrifuges.

So basically, nothing in this deal will stop them from getting nukes. So will Obama call Rouhani a liar just as Rouhani did to Obama? I won’t hold my breath:

FARS NEWS – Iran’s President Hassan Rouhani underlined on Friday that all the UN and economic, financial and banking sanctions against Iran will be annuled the moment a final nuclear deal between Iran and the six world powers goes into effect.

In a public address on the state-run TV on Friday, President Rouhani reminded his election campaign slogan that he would keep Iran’s nuclear industry running and remove the sanctions against the country, and said the Iranian nation is now closer to this goal more than ever.

He said his administration had a four-step plan, which included the attainment of an interim deal, “and after months of efforts, specially during the last few days, the second objective was also materialized last night”.

“In this second step, we have both maintenance of nuclear rights and removal of sanctions alongside constructive interaction with the world,” the president continued.

He further described attainment of a final deal as a third step before the July 1 deadline to be followed by a fourth step which would be its implementation.

“I, hereby, declare in a straightforward manner now that enrichment and all nuclear-related technologies are only aimed at Iran’s development and will not be used against any other countries and the world has acknowledged very well today that Iran is seeking peaceful purposes,” he added.

He said Arak Heavy Water Reactor will continue its operation with the help of the most modern technologies and “Fordo (uranium enrichment plant) will remain operational forever with 1,000 centrifuges installed in there and nuclear and physics-related activities and technologies will run there”.


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