VICTORY: Sheriff Joe Arpaio Wins… Obama’s DOJ Horrified

Arizona Sheriff, Joe Arpaio is no stranger to being the target of ridicule and hate. Which means, as a Sheriff he must be doing something right. Or, in his particular case, a LOT of things right.

Despite being under fire right now as he prepares to run for his seventh term in officer this coming November, his spirit is high and he’s prepared to take on the challenge with valor.

In fact, just recently, Arpaio easily steamrolled over three primary challengers in a race the Associated Press called less than half an hour after the polls closed.

Pretty incredible when you think that just two weeks ago this good Sheriff was recommended by federal Judge G. Murray to be charged with criminal contempt for his “alleged” disregard in implementing anti-profiling measures.

“Sheriff Arpaio and Chief Deputy Sheridan have a history of obfuscation and subversion of this Court’s orders that is as old as this case and did not stop after they themselves became the subjects of civil contempt,” the judge wrote at the time.

Arpaio is no rookie at this though, he’s been asked to resign by scarier people than this bummer Judge.

Believe me, Arpaio has made it quite clear he has no intention of retiring, and thank goodness. We are already short on good men that aren’t afraid to stand up for what is right. Losing him as Sheriff would be a major blow to humanity…

“Very simply, he’s not going to resign and he’s not going to accept a plea agreement to something he didn’t do,” she told reporters Monday, adding that she had provided the judge with “court page after page after page” proving that the sheriff does not engage in racial profiling.

It is Sheriff Arpaio’s plan to take on whatever storms may come his way as he goes into his next run coming up in November. Take them on, conquer them, and come out even more polished than before.

As the case against him moves forward so does his will to pursue continuing his career as Sheriff.

Besides…how are they going to jail the Sheriff, while Hillary walks around with a smirk, getting away with murder?

Sending well wishes, and extra prayers his way…for a WIN!

Because if he were to lose…that would be a devastating loss for the good citizens of America.


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