[VIDEO] 800+ Teenage THUGS Rush Into Movie Theater in Florida, Fired Guns Into Air and Robbed People


It was a terrifying scene for movie goers on Saturday night in Ocoee, Florida.

According to statements by police, as many as 800-900 teenagers “bum rushed” a theater at the West Oaks Mall in Ocoee. Police say 200-300 of teens were able to actually make it into the theater before it was sealed off.

The remaining hundreds of teens wreaked havoc in the parking lot, firing guns into the air, starting fights with strangers and robbing people.

According to local media reports:

“Our main concern is this: These are middle and high school kids going to a public movie theater, some armed with guns, some firing guns, some fighting in the parking lot, disturbing everyone else there. Not only that, but putting them in danger with the the violence they’re creating,” Orange County Sheriff’s Office Lt. Paul Hopkins said.

Investigators said they were able to get the teens under control. They contacted parents who came to pick them up.

One or two arrests were made in reference to a stolen vehicle recovered at the scene, however, no other arrests of the participants were reported.

No injuries requiring medical assistance were reported despite the violent overtones of the event.

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—Courtesy of Controversial Times

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