VIDEO: A Texas Store Owner’s Son Kills Violent Armed Assailant And Saves His Sister’s Life

People in Texas carry guns. They’re allowed to carry guns. There’s a lot of guns just about everywhere you go in Texas.

So why people think it’s a smart idea to commit a crime like robbery is beyond my cognizant skill set.

Simple laws of logic state that you do not rob a place or person who is armed with their own guns, and in Texas, just about everyone is armed. Therefore, Texas is a really stupid place to try and rob someone. Simple math tells you there’s a higher probability and chance that the victim will be armed and an even higher percentage that they will shoot you.

And that’s what happened at a store in Texas. A shotgun carrying fella tried to rob a little store, but the people working at the store blasted the robber and stopped a crime.

I’d say give that man a round of applause for protecting the people, the business, and eliminating a criminal that clearly doesn’t think or care about anyone but themselves.

US CHRONICLE – Seth was working at the convenient store on Scranton Street, in Houston when, around 10:30 p.m., a man entered the store wielding a shotgun. The man then threatened Seth’s sister, who was working behind the counter, as he pointed his weapon at her.

Usman Seth’s father just happen to have a firearm, and quickly passed the weapon to his son. Seth told the local media. That’s when the two exchanged fire, and the robber lost his life. Though he was shaken up about the events of that evening, Usman believes that he had done the right thing to protect his family.

What exactly do people get out of robbing a little store like this anyway? The register doesn’t ever have THAT much cash in it. Seems like a pointless trade off to try and get $100 or so, but end up shot instead.

It’s not worth it to do crimes like this.

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