VIDEO- A Walmart Shopper Sees A Firearm Holstered Under A Man’s Shirt and Then Does The Unthinkable


When 62-year-old Clarence Daniels walked into a Florida Walmart on Tuesday, he couldn’t have suspected that he would barely make it past the door.

Walmart video surveillance shows Daniels going into the store, but before he can get much further than the entrance, someone comes up from behind and throws him to the ground. Believing he’s definitely apprehended a bad guy, the man, who Fox 13 identified as Michael Foster then restrains Daniels even more.

As Daniels is being held down, a few shoppers assuming Foster is perhaps a hero in the making decide to help with the pending citizen’s arrest. They also take away Daniel’s holstered firearm that was under his shirt. Then, Foster calls 911.

In a turn of events that Foster probably didn’t expect, the authorities arrive and it’s not Daniels they’re putting in the back of the squad car – it’s him.

It turns out Daniels had a concealed carry permit. In addition, during the scuffle witnesses said Daniels was yelling out that he had a license for the weapon.

Foster is being charged with one count of battery. He’s just lucky the gun didn’t discharge, because in situations like this things could have gotten much worse.

—Courtesy of IJ Review

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