VIDEO: Allen West Just Went After Militant Atheists Head-On… And He’s NOT Backing Down


From The Conservative Tribune:Retired Lt. Col. Allen West had some rousing words of support for the Christian tenant of prayer during a speech he made in Gladewater, Texas, against the Freedom From Religion Foundation, which recently demanded that the University of Tennessee stop praying before sporting games.

West commented that the atheist group was way off base with its demand and stated that prayer keeps players safe.

“One of the great traditions at University of Tennessee is that before every football game … a local minister is called in to give a prayer before every game,” West commented in the video posted below.

He recalled the power of prayer and how it worked in his own life, in a time where safety requirements for sporting equipment was much more lax.

“And before every game,” West recalled, “a pastor would come down and pray before that football game.”

In his own experience, this resulted in the safety of the players.

“I don’t remember catastrophic injuries,” he said. “I don’t remember anyone getting carted off that field, paralyzed. You see there’s something about the power of prayer. There’s something about that freedom of religion.

“There’s something about the Founding Fathers who prayed over this nation, who pledged their lives, fortunes, their sacred honor,” West concluded (H/T WND).

The FFRF may want to remove all prayer from the field, but that should be decided by the players themselves. If they feel protected by the incredible power of prayer, no one should ever be allowed to tell them to stop.

That’s true freedom, as defined by the First Amendment.

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