VIDEO: Armed U.S. Nation Guard Troops Take Over These Streets – You Won’t Believe What They’re Doing


From Conservative Post: The soldiers are marching by homes and elementary school. They also took turns practicing blocking traffic.

“I just watched it again and recognized the low block wall and the elementary school! It was right there where my sister and her husband live! OMG how frightening!” one YouTube commenter responded, according to Infowars.

While some have claimed that this video shows a routine exercise, others have said it is far from normal.

“During the last few seconds I got a quick glimpse of my sister and brother-in-laws house on Fuschia. Ave,” wrote one commenter.

”That motorcycle was parked almost in front of their house. They told me they saw this procession going on from their front yard. They have lived in that house for 30 or so yrs and this is the first time they have seen this type of thing in their neighborhood. Might be a common thing to do their training someplace else but not in that area.”

Americans everywhere have been worrying about the presence of troops on public streets since operation Jade Helm was announced. This military exercise, which is set to take place from July 15-September 15, will feature soldiers operating ”undetected amongst civilian populations” as they are trained to deal with “civil unrest.”

Many believe that Jade Helm is a dry run for martial law.

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