VIDEO: Assault on the Supermarket where 16 Jewish people were held as hostages by devout Muslims in Paris


The French don’t need a Drancy, they have the Muslims.

There will be a mass exodus of Jews from France. And the French will be left to deal with the hostile colonizers.

“Every single Jew I know is leaving France.”

Jihad is now daily in France. It is savage and will only get worse.

Clear shot of the assault on the islamic hostage taker in Paris

Assault on the hypermarket where 16 people were held as hostages in Porte de Vincennes, Paris.
Only the hostage taker was killed during the assault, however 4 hostages were killed during the hostage taking by Amedy Coulibaly.

Media reports have been scrubbing kosher from the story. Islamic Jew-hatred fuels this slaughter. But no mention of Jews or Islam. I am surprised they run the story at all.

—Courtesy of Pamela Gellar

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