Here Is The VIDEO Of Baton Rouge Shooting -That Was Later Removed From Facebook

Facebook has been accused of censoring conservatives in the past, and that’s not all they’re censoring.

After Philando Castile was shot, his girlfriend live-streamed the incident to Facebook, where it went viral. Millions viewed the video, which played a large role in the police massacres we saw in Dallas and Baton Rouge.

As it turns out, the Baton Rouge attack on police was caught on video, but Facebook didn’t deem that one “appropriate.”

The Gateway Pundit reports:

Two women filmed the attacks from a nearby business. The video was posted on social media but Facebook later took this down.

It’s hard to listen to the fear in these women’s voices as they witnessed the mass shooting. You can tell they were very disturbed by what they were witnessing.

Murder of a black man – totally appropriate for Facebook

Murder of police – requires censorship.

Get your priorities straight Facebook.


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