Video of Black Trump Supporter “Apologizing” to Hillary Voters Is BLOWING UP the Internet (VIDEO)

For someone who the media branded as a racist, xenophobic, Islamophobic, sexist, Donald Trump sure did well in the minority vote. He brought in twice the share of the black vote as Mitt Romney, and nearly thirty percent of Hispanics.

As it turns out, when you call people racists and sexists endlessly for simply having policy disagreements, they turn on you.

Henry Davis, a black man who voted for Donald Trump in the 2016 election, posted an “apology” to YouTube on Wednesday.

Spoiler alert: he wasn’t really apologizing.

Davis opened by addressing his video to “all of the Trump haters, all of the Hillary Clinton supporters and all of the people who said my Trump was going to lose.”

That’s when things started to get good.

As the Young Cons reported:

Absolutely nailed it.

Watching the pundits freak out on election night was absolutely priceless.

Martha Raddatz almost broke down in tears.

Wolf Blitzer looked like he saw a ghost.

Rachel Maddow was a step away from being institutionalized.

They never saw it coming.

I’m not going to lie, this was my exact reaction to the news that Donald Trump had won. The media, politicians, and pundits alike all told us from the start there’s no way Trump would ever be elected, especially if he ran his general election campaign the same way he ran his campaign in the primaries. But low and behold, against all odds and in the face of extreme adversity,The Donald pulled off a brilliant win to make history as the people’s champion and head to Washington as a one-man wrecking ball to the establishment.

And given the hours of footage of Hillary supporters having mental breakdowns and crying on camera, the laughter has been extended over the past few days.

The next eight years are going to be incredible.

It’s our country once again.

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