VIDEO: Black Woman Has a Message About Race Rioters EVERY American Needs to Hear


From the Conservative Tribune:  In a revealing new video posted by Chloe Valdary, a student at the University of New Orleans and a conservative activist who happens to be black, she explained that treating blacks with “kid gloves” while they’re doing wrong, just because they’re black, is “demeaning and condescending.”

“Anyone, whether white or any other color, who excuses blacks for bad behavior just because they are black obviously don’t consider blacks their equal. Rather, they view blacks, in effect, as children who are unable to adhere to the standards to which every other group is held,” she said.

“The only difference between this view and that of white supremacists is that white supremacists are honest and open: In their view blacks are inferior to whites. Period,” she added. “But those who condescend to blacks cloak themselves in self-righteousness.”

Far too often, when reporters from major cable networks interview members of communities such as Baltimore during a period of unrest, they’ll ask why people are looting and burning buildings down, only to receive the same answer — “they’re frustrated.”

This excuse, for many Americans, appears to be good enough — as if being “frustrated” makes looting, destroying property and attacking police officers an acceptable activity.

But Valdary wants the world to know exactly how lame that excuse is and that it shouldn’t be used to let black citizens off the hook for their destructive actions during so-called “protests.”

“Rioting and looting are acceptable forms of behavior? Why? Because the rioters and looters have no other options? Really? In free, democratic America, you have no other options? Does this apply to all ethnic groups? Hispanics? Southeast Asians? Pacific Islanders? Of course not,” she stated.

“But we the enlightened ones are ready with a prepackaged list of excuses when blacks riot and loot. Worse, when it comes to judging black behavior, even facts don’t matter. All that matters is the skin color of the teenager and the skin color of the cop,” Valdary said. “Well, not in my world.” (H/T The Blaze)

This young woman’s take on the situation truly is something to think about.

It’s perfectly acceptable to call out the thugs who looted and burned their city down — because if you simply excuse them on the basis of their skin color, you might as well wrap yourself in a white sheet and wear a cone-shaped mask.

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