VIDEO: Thug Tries Chokehold On Cop, Officer Teaches Him A Hard Lesson (VIDEO)

What happens when a Black Lives Matter 16-year-old tries to fight and choke a cop? Well, this video shows that police officers who are trained to fight can easily pull off a fantastic body slam. When you’re a teenager who thinks it’s OK to fight with the police, then not only are you an idiot, but you’re an idiot who has terrible parents.

CONSERVATIVE POST – the over-confident young man tried to administer a chokehold on the officer, the cop subsequently lifted him up and body-slammed him right into the ground.

This is what the mother wrote on Facebook:

“When am done you mf going to no not to f*** with my kids will b at my lawyer office in the morning,” she wrote on Facebook after the incident occurred.

You can tell from the language the mother uses that she is not educated. She is more interested in getting a paycheck from the system. I can predict that she is a welfare queen with multiple kids by different fathers. I’m playing off the typical urban stereotype, but unfortunately it’s very true far too often.

Instead of talking about lawyers, she should be asking about how to teach her child some respect for adults and authority and especially some discipline.

Any kid who fights with a police officer has most likely been failed by their parents.

This mother is the worst problem, because she raised her son to be an idiot.

She should be extremely embarrassed, upset, insulted, and ashamed that her child would ever represent her like that.

When kids go out in public, they’re a representative of what happens at home. Sure, there’s some kids who are just crazy, but in most cases, the way a child acts shows you what goes on at home.

Not much was going on here. Such a shame.

I wonder if Black Lives Matter will come help the mother raise her kid right. Or does his black life not matter?

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