VIDEO : Carrier Employees Message To Trump and Pence, “Thank You For Saving My Job!”

Are you sick of winning yet?

Back in February, video showing the reaction of workers at Carrier Manufacturing after learning that their jobs had been outsourced and they’d soon be unemployed went viral. We learned that 1400 jobs were to be moved to Mexico.

That gave Donald Trump the perfect opportunity to highlight what was happening as he continued to bash American companies who send jobs overseas. He stated that if elected, he’d negotiate a deal with them to prevent that. “Here’s what’s going to happen,” Trump told a crowd in Indianapolis in April. “I’ll get a call from the head of Carrier and he’ll say, ‘Mr. President, we’ve decided to stay in the United States.’ That’s what’s going to happen — 100%.”

CNN cast doubt on Trump’s promise, quoting workers who didn’t think Trump would be able to save their jobs. Well, they were wrong. Yesterday, it was reported that Trump’s team had reportedly reached a deal to keep thousands of Carrier jobs in Indiana.

CNBC cited sources in reporting the deal with United Technologies Tuesday evening, which will keep close to 1,000 factory jobs at the Carrier plant in Indianapolis. The network says the deal will include new inducements from the state and was spearheaded by Vice President-elect Gov. Mike Pence.

Good for Trump, and shame on the media for casting doubt on his ability to negotiate such a deal. And trust me, while CNN and other media outlets quoted Carrier employees who cast doubt that their jobs would be saved, they’re extremely happy with Trump.
As Truth Feed reported, A Carrier employee appeared on Fox News to say THANK YOU to the Trump administration.
Watch below:


Trump hasn’t taken office yet and the stock market has hit record highs, and Ford and Carrier reversed decisions to outsource. Just imagine what he’ll be able to get done AFTER he takes office!

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