VIDEO: Chris Kyle Had the BEST Response to Hollywood Leftists… Back in 2012


Chris Kyle may no longer be around to defend his reputation — yet thanks to the magic of the Internet, his character can still speak for itself. An interview from 2012 was fairly overlooked when it was live, but now it’s going viral.

The famed “American Sniper” appeared on Conan O’Brien’s talk show to discuss his book. That autobiography has been made into a record-setting movie, and Kyle is now the target of liberal attacks.

Left-wing figures such as Michael Moore have tried to smear Chris Kyle as a “coward” or arrogant figure. The famous Navy SEAL was murdered in 2013, but videos such as this one remain a testament to how humble and respectful this man was.

It is amazing to watch a decorated Navy SEAL respectfully say “yes, sir” to a multi-millionaire television host and downplay his own skills and accomplishments.

Chris Kyle was truly a class act — and his humble demeanor is the best comeback to liberals who want to tarnish his reputation.
—Courtesy of The Conservative Tribune

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