[VIDEO] Civilian BuzzFeed Employees Try to Guess What Military Terms Mean


Bahh hah! This is classic!

(Controversial Times) What happens when you ask a bunch of hipster BuzzFeed employees about military terms? Well, the results are pretty hilarious.

Here are the terms that the employees were asked about in the video along with their definitions (via Urban Dictionary):

Blue Falcon – aka “Buddy F**ker”. A socially acceptable reference to the acronym ‘bf’, also known as ‘buddy fuck’; referring to an action that leads to ‘fucking over’ your ‘buddy’. Common in military parlance.

Barney Style – To over simplify a concept or the description of an object or procedure. It refers to the TV show “Barney and Friends”, which is for children.

Pucker Factor – A term used to describe the tightness of your sphincter following a close call. Some as yet unidentified factors are high enough to cause discomfort as you must take an appreciable amount of time to remove from your butt that what you were sitting on.

Beat Your Face – Condescending Army term for telling someone to do push-ups. It’s usually used by a higher-ranked person toward a lower-ranked person for punishment. Wouldn’t usually be used during PT, you’d tell someone “beat your face” if you caught them red-handed doing something stupid.

Balls Watch – Graveyard watch. Named for the fact that you’re likely to end up watching your testicles as you nod off.

Jody Boy – A Jody Boy is the guy who’s back home, messing around with your girl and living an easy life while you are serving in the military away from her. Jody Boys feature heavily in many US military cadence calls.

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot – What the F**k
—Courtesy of Controversial Times

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