VIDEO: College Cop Caught Making Disgusting Threat Against These Conservative Students

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From the Conservative Tribune:  A University of Texas at Dallas campus police officer walked the line of violating the First Amendment rights of a group of conservative students who were peacefully attempting to collect signatures and advocating for allowing concealed carry firearms on the campus.

While officer Tad Palmer remained calm in tone, his passive aggressive actions spoke louder than words as he explained his position over and over again to the small group of students holding signs.

The group was part of the school-approved “Network of Enlightened Women” chapter who obviously believe in our Second Amendment right to protect ourselves, especially on a college campus.

“You, listen to what I’m saying,” Palmer said. “You have to get permission. Either get permission or you can be criminally trespassed.”

The officer told the polite group over and over again that they needed permission to hold the signs and gather from the Dean’s office. As other students who were curious about the group’s mission approached, on more than one occasion the officer sent them away.

A male member of the group recorded the entire exchange, even as the members sat down with a representative of the Dean’s office who further attempted to hamstring the registered group from exercising free speech on campus.

As seen in the video posted by Fox News, the woman they spoke with patronized the students and rattled off a list of excuses and restrictions as to what the group could and could not do.

At one point, the woman even admitted that she had no idea what the exact rules were as the conservative students questioned her.

One must wonder if the students would’ve experienced the same problems if they were collecting signatures for (insert liberal issue here)? Our guess is probably not.

We salute the students of this group for acting in such a professional, intelligent and courteous manner throughout the entire ordeal.

We can’t say the same behavior would’ve been displayed from liberal groups pushing their agendas.

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