[VIDEO] Concealed Carrier Stops Possible Mass Shooting Inside Philadelphia Business


Here’s another story that the main stream media will not show. A law abiding citizen with a registered conceal carry permit stopped a possible mass shooting from taking place inside a Philly barer shop.

More from Controversial Times: 

A 40 year old man inside of the Falah Barber Shop Inc. became irate with a 16 year old customer. Despite other customers and employees trying to defuse the situation, the older man pulled out a gun and began indiscriminately shooting at customers and employees inside the shop.

Fortunately, a passerby also heard the shots and instead of running away, he actually ran towards the gunfire. The unidentified man was a concealed carrier. He drew his gun and entered the shop where he saw the carnage that was unfolding.

He opened fire on the suspect, striking him in the chest. The suspect was transported to an area hospital where he died of his injuries.

Despite the fact that there were numerous customers inside the shop, including children, no one else was injured.

If we counted up all the stories where a gun has saved a life, they will outreach the effects of these mass shootings. Take the guns from the criminals and lets allow all citizens to legally carry them anywhere they want if they are registered.

When was the last time a criminal registered his guns? See my point?


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