VIDEO: Cops Dish Out BRUTAL Surprise For BLM Protesters – THIS Is How You Deal With Violent THUGS


You’re going to have trouble watching the video in this article and not coming to the conclusion that every member of Black Lives Matter is mentally ill.

The incident happened in Portland, Oregon where the BLM thugs had planned to make a scene inside their local town hall. Cops learned quickly what they were up to and made sure that it wasn’t the scene that the BLM ever wanted to make. They were forcibly removed from city hall, and as many tried to get back on, they were pushed and fell on their behinds. Ironically, one of the officers who literally tossed protestors out was black – and hilariously, you can hear people screaming “call 911” in the background. Wouldn’t calling 911 just make the situation a tad worse for them?

Afterward, pushing a number of these rabid, screeching animals away, they still try to enter the city hall building they were expelled from….. and that’s when the pepper spray comes in.

As the US Herald reported:

Cops showed up at the Town Hall and made sure things didn’t go the way the BLM wanted them too. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to realize that the BLM protesters were a little more than unhappy to see the police and, like always, they acted out of pure rage.

Unfortunately for them, the cops had a surprise of their own waiting for them that made them wish they had never showed up in the first place. The entire incident was captured on video.

The police were given permission to physically remove anyone from the Town Hall so that the government could continue to do their work. The ‘peaceful’ protesters quickly turned violent and the cops had to deal with them in the way that they should deal with all of these BLM thugs.

The cops got down and dirty and began to physically push the BLM protesters out of the door. The ones that fought back and tried to force their way in were quickly swarmed by officers and promptly arrested.

Things got rough, but is there really any other way to deal with protestors like this? Not a single shot was fired so we won’t have to hear the mainstream media attack cops for killing another helpless ‘peaceful’ protester.

Look at them. Do you think they’re the kind of people that can be reasoned with, or are they all a bunch of tribal cultists? These aren’t the kind of people that want a dialogue, they’re the kind of people who want to be told they’re oppressed – and will interpret reality in a way that confirms that narrative.

Now, if only cops started doing this next time this batch of assclowns blocks off a highway.


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