VIDEO: Cops Dish Out BRUTAL Surprise For BLM Protesters – THIS Is How You Deal With Violent THUGS


There’s two people I really hate in my life.

  1. My filthy neighbor. They have a pile of soggy phone books sitting on the step, open garbage backs filled with chicken wings and flies, and two lawn mowers buried in tall grass out back. They’re degenerate squatting scum.
  2. And I also dislike protesters. I think they’re the biggest scum in the world. They are the flies that hover over my neighbors open garbage and land on dog sh*t when they’re hungry.

It just so happens that this article contains a video of Black Lives Matter protesters getting swatted like those flies.

These protesters appeared at a City Hall in Oregon and protested the police. No surprise there – put enough losers in one place and of course they protest the people who help them when they’re getting robbed.

US HERALD – The incident happened in Portland, Oregon where the Black Lives Matter thugs had planned to make a scene inside their local town hall. Cops learned quickly what they were up to and made sure that it wasn’t the scene that the BLM ever wanted to make.

Cops showed up at the Town Hall and made sure things didn’t go the way the BLM wanted them too. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to realize that the BLM protesters were a little more than unhappy to see the police and, like always, they acted out of pure rage.

This protest is really funny because there’s barely any black folks there. It’s mostly fat or unattractive women, ugly transgender looking feminists, slim homosexual looking guys with low testosterone, and a few people with cameras or cell phones recording the event to get media coverage for a local newspaper or their lousy blog that no one reads. In other words, a tossed salad of people that no one gives a f*ck about.

I was hoping the video became more violent, because I’d love to see some hardcore pepper sprays close up, a few teeth on the floor, and a feminist get dropped like a sack of potatoes by a taser.

Here’s one of the best pepper spray videos. It’s from when a teen girl thought it was good to PROTEST at a Trump rally. Not ever a good idea to go to a place full of people you disagree with and think it’s going to work out well for you.


Does it make me deplorable that I think it was hilarious to watch this girl get pepper sprayed? I hope so.

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