VIDEO: Dearborn Police Complied With Shariah Law, ARRESTED Christians for Street Preaching


We have all heard about the “no-go” zones in France after the Charlie Hebdo terrorist attacks by extremist Muslims.

The French government is suing Fox News for doing their job and exposing these “no-go” areas of Paris, and it seems the whole town of Birmingham in the United Kingdom is reported to be one as well.

Of course that couldn’t happen in America… or could it?

Video has resurfaced with something disturbing that happened in America. While this is not yet widespread, it is our constitutional and moral duty to expose this, fight this, and keep talking about it until people know the risk of shariah law in America. Period.

Four evangelical Christians were detained, arrested and had their camera confiscated in 2010 at an Arab festival in Dearborn, Michigan.

They were cited and arrested for “disorderly conduct” yet as shown in the video they were in no way disorderly nor were they even IN the festival area. They were polite enough to stand outside of the festival area.

Their only crime? Preaching Christianity instead of Islam in America.

The four men were doing nothing more than handing out Christian literature on a public sidewalk when they were surrounded and accosted by a dozen officers. (H/T

There has never been a more clear-cut and blatant abuse of police powers, on top of the First Amendment violation of the four men by what can only be described as a disgraceful police department. We support our local police, but only when they do their jobs to protect us from criminals — not enable Islamic radicals.

One of the biggest problems and the reason why these “no-go areas” exist is because under the socio-political system of Islam, many laws and freedoms of countries clash with the cultural law of Islam.

The Muslim immigrants in these countries don’t assimilate and arrogantly require that the countries not interfere under “religious” laws.

Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal spoke about the Dearborn case as well as no-go zones in general.

“They’re coming as the Muslim population grows,” said Jindal. “We already see areas such as Dearborn, Michigan: It isn’t a no-go zone- police don’t fear to enter there and non-Muslims aren’t menaced for non-adherence to Shariah norms- but police did the bidding of the Muslim community … and arrested some Christian missionaries solely for the crime of preaching to Muslims. A Shariah crime, not a crime according to any U.S. law.” (H/T

In 2013 the City of Dearborn settled the case issuing an apology and paying an undisclosed amount of restitution to the four men.

This needs to be a lesson. First, spread this and let people know that shariah law IS trying to spread in America. Second, spread this and let people know that if the people unite and fight back, we will win.
—Courtesy of The Conservative Tribune

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