With all the scary aviation incidents recently, this story out of the world’s busiest airport might be amusing if it weren’t just slightly horrifying.

An audio clip of a bizarre verbal altercation between a pilot and an air-traffic controller who manages planes on the taxiways at Atlanta’s Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport was released on the LiveATC.com Web site on Sunday.

In the clip, an unnamed Delta Airlines pilot on Flight 2422 was supposed to take his plane to a taxiway called “Mike” but apparently went to the “Lima” taxiway instead. When the air-traffic controller brought the mistake to the pilot’s attention, massive attitude ensued.

“Looks like you joined Lima,” the controller said.

“Hey, you know what, we’ll taxi out there any way we want unless you tell us to; I don’t like your attitude,” the pilot replied.

Unfazed, the air-traffic controller continued communicating calmly with the pilot, who didn’t reciprocate the goodwill.

“I don’t have an attitude, sir; I’m just saying it looks like you joined Lima instead of Mike and I’m just trying to correct you before you stay on Lima,” the air-traffic controller responded.

“Like oh my God, there’s another plane out there, like six miles away,” the pilot said. “Your attitude is really something sir. We’re out here on Mike. Good morning.”

“Good morning,” the air-traffic controller continued. “There was no attitude. I was just trying to correct you. That’s my job to correct you if you mess up, and make sure everybody’s doing what I ask them to do for certain reasons.”

via The Washington Post

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