VIDEO: Dr. Ben Carson Drops Bombshell About Illegals… Americans Could Be in Danger

Handout from office of U.S. Representative Henry Cuellar shows illegal immigrants at a U.S. Department of Health and Human Services facility in South Texas

There has recently been an outbreak of the measles in California that is subsequently spreading to other states across the country.

The media has conveniently blamed the outbreak on parents who choose not to vaccinate their children, ignoring the fact that there has been an anti-vaccine movement for years without a similar outbreak before now.

What the media is also conveniently ignoring is the massive number of illegal immigrants, many of them un-vaccinated children, who crossed our southern border over the past year and spread about the country without documentation.

Dr. Ben Carson recently appeared on CNN with host Jake Tapper to discuss the measles outbreak and the vaccination debate.

Carson began by explaining the safety of vaccines and how he believes much of the information that led to the anti-vaccine movement has been debunked.

He also stated that he believed vaccines are vitally important for the overall health of our society, but stopped short of calling for them to be federally mandated, rightly realizing that many people have a problem with “government force.”

Carson also took a moment to defend his potential 2016 presidential primary rival, Rand Paul, who has had some of his comments about vaccines taken entirely out of context and used to portray him as being against vaccinations, which he is not, according to WND.

Finally, Carson notes that America used to have diseases like the measles under control, but “now we have to account for the fact that we now have people coming into the country, sometimes undocumented people, who perhaps have diseases that we had under control.”

He continued, “So now we need to be doubly vigilant about making sure that we immunize our people to keep them from getting diseases that once were under control.”

Dr. Ben Carson is right, and the media should take note.  Often, the best answer to a question is the most obvious one.

The anti-vaccine movement has been growing over 10 years, yet these parents and their children have not sparked any major outbreaks of disease.

Conversely, shortly after a sudden influx of illegal immigrants, many of whom aren’t vaccinated and were found to be carrying various contagious diseases, America sees outbreaks of the exact same diseases documented to be crossing the border.

One must be willingly blind or ignorant to ignore such an obvious connection, but then again, this is the liberally-biased media we are talking about, which routinely bends over backwards to avoid pointing out anything that might make the Obama regime look bad.
—Courtesy of The Conservative Tribune

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