VIDEO: Off-Duty Border Patrol Agent who was Shot and Killed by Illegal Aliens was Preventable

TEXAS: An off-duty US Border Patrol agent was murdered in cold blood Sunday evening while fishing with his parents, his wife and his children.

This further makes the case against the Presidents border policies, or lack thereof.  They continue to only talk about the children crossing, however,  they make up a small majority of the whole number of illegals crossing the border. There are new revelations of many criminals coming into the US and a emerging number of Middle Easterner’s.

As long our border remains unsecured, we will have heinous crimes taking place like this one.

From KRGV:

“Border Patrol spokesman Omar Zamora told CHANNEL 5 NEWS the agent was shot in the chest Sunday night after an attempted robbery. According to Zamora, the gunmen saw the agent had a gun in his holster and opened fire.

Willacy County Sheriff Larry Spence said another person was also injured in the shooting. That person was identified as one of the Border Patrol agent’s relatives. Both victims were driven to the hospital in personal vehicles.

Border Patrol agents and DPS troopers assisted with the investigation. Spence said authorities are still looking for the crime scene, but they suspect it happened near Santa Monica.

Family members with the agent gave authorities a description of the suspects’ vehicle. Authorities found the vehicle on FM 2629, close to the floodway. We’re told no one was inside. Investigators searched the area and found the two suspects on foot. They were arrested close to the county line, near Sebastian”

This incident was completely preventable, and if we don’t start taking action against politicians who neglect what America needs, we’ll continue to see a breakdown of our society.

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