VIDEO: Ex-Army Ranger Offers The PERFECT Solution To Wipe Out ISIS


On The Steve Malzberg Show on Newsmax TV, Retired U.S. Army Ranger Kris “Tanto” Paronto offered a bold solution for the Islamic State. Paronto states that he wants to be the leader of an elite group of American soldiers that will go into battle against ISIS.

“It hits me personally because I’m a Christian first and foremost,” Paronto explains. He is seeking vengeance against the terror group after their slaughtering of 21 Christians. “My first thought was let’s get all my contractor buddies who don’t work anymore and let’s start getting over there,” he said.

He speaks about the terror group like many American’s believe our president should. Paronto elaborates further, “If our own government is not going to do anything about it, then you know what, there’s a lot of good patriots here and a lot of Christians here that are basically on the sidelines right now.”

“I laugh at it…. They do have jobs,” Paronto said. “Their jobs are killing Christians and killing westerners and they are getting very good at it. That is their jobs.”On the show, the survivor of the U.S. Consulate attack in Benghazi explained how the current controversial opinion of the U.S. regarding these terrorists is comical and that their opinion of killing terrorists needs to be changed. He speaks about how the government tries to excuse their reluctance to kill, solely because they believe that all these terrorists need is jobs.

As a retired soldier and a true American, Paronto knows exactly what needs to be heard — even if it should have come from President Obama many months ago.

Paronto insists, “More than anything, we want to go over there and protect our people, protect Christians, and that’s what we need to do.”

—Courtesy of Mad World News

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