VIDEO: Fake Soldier Gets Called Out and Humiliated… Then All Hell Broke Loose


From Conservative Tribune: It’s truly unbelievable that in this day and age of social media video and information, there are still people dumb enough to put on a military uniform and claim they’ve served our country in an effort to garner sympathy and discounts.

That was the case in Sunrise, Fla., when a Hispanic man sporting a disheveled set of ACUs without a name tape was making rounds throughout a restaurant, claiming he was an Army infantry soldier with combat experience.

When he was called out by a group of young men for obvious problems with his uniform, they pressed him on his training, asking where he attended basic training, to which the impostor answered, “Miami.”

Wrong answer. Even many non-military folks know that Army infantrymen receive their training at Fort Benning, Ga. There has never been a basic training base of any kind in Miami.

As he was being questioned by the young men, he quickly grew angry and frustrated as he was being called out, which led him to posture up at the young men while cussing them out. The young man confronting the impostor reminded him several times that Stolen Valor is a federal offense.

The fake infantryman kept up with his aggressive posturing and had the attention of most of the restaurant patrons and workers at that point in time, which likely prompted a call to police.

“This guy was trying to pick up girls and get sympathy drinks in a battle ready uniform which wasn’t even on properly let alone, wearing it at a bar … so we asked a few basic questions which threw him off and couldn’t answer even where he got his infantry training or even boot camp for that matter … he’s a scum to America and we couldn’t let that fly,” said one of the young men involved (H/T IJ Review).

Stolen Valor is still a huge issue in America, but luckily with increased public awareness of the problem, scumbags who commit the disrespectful crime are being identified more than ever before, often on smartphone video that ends up going viral,.

Because a majority of Americans aren’t familiar with the inner workings of the U.S. military, guys like this with high-and-tight haircuts, wearing camouflage, can easily end up with a free night of drinks, food and phone numbers without anyone knowing the difference.

Had this impostor ran into actual Army infantrymen in the bar, he might’ve had an extremely unpleasant night. As someone who attended basic training at Fort Benning, trust me when I say he’s extremely lucky the young men who confronted him were only informed civilians.


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