VIDEO: Fallen SEAL’s Mother Challenges Michael Moore… But He’s Too Chicken Shit


After socialist filmmaker and C-list celebrity Michael Moore took to Twitter last week to begin his anti-sniper campaign after the release of the blockbuster hit, American Sniper, the responses from the sniper communityand Chris Kyle’s family and friends has been nothing short of epic.

At the 2015 SHOT show in Las Vegas, Debbie Lee, mother to fallen Navy SEAL sniper Marc Alan Lee, stood by Kyle’s widow, Taya, and issued a direct challenge to Moore – one that he should consider if he could find time between buckets of fried chicken.

At the show, during a fundraising event, Lee told the audience that she publicly challenges Moore to go through just one day of sniper training. Of course, the crowd went wild.

“And I don’t know if you guys heard, but I challenged Michael Moore that all of you snipers out there will run him through training. Just one day, we won’t even make him go to combat. See if we can educate him,” said Lee. (H/T TheBlaze)

Taya Kyle nodded with laughter and agreement with Lee.

One man, standing next to Lee and who appeared to be part of the team, quickly followed up with, “As far as that guy goes, I think the only thing he’s ever fought was cholesterol and even that’s kickin’ his a**.”

Fallen sniper and SEAL Marc Alan Lee was the first SEAL to lose his life during Operation Iraqi Freedom and is also a legend in the military community.

Many snipers have made public responses to Moore’s claim that “snipers are cowards who shoot you in the back.” Some of the responses were serious and some were a mix of serious and epic hilarity.

Whether Moore wants to admit it or not, it’s one thing to be a keyboard tough guy when you’re bashing another political party, but it’s an entirely different beast when you publicly insult America’s most courageous heroes in the special forces community. That wasn’t a good idea.
—Courtesy of The Conservative Tribune

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