VIDEO: Female Journalist Just OBLITERATES a Sexist Muslim Leader on Live TV


It turns out that America isn’t the only country blessed with a bold, ambitious female news anchor who isn’t even remotely intimidated by rude, grumpy guests and knows when to put them in their place.

Al-Jadeed news in Lebanon has their very own version of Fox News’ Megyn Kelly. Her name is Rima Karaki and she made headlines this week after shutting down a radical Islamic sheik, Hani al-Sibai, during a March 2 interview in which he showed the world just how ridiculously sexist radical Muslim men truly are.

Karaki asked al-Sibai a simple, discussion-worthy question about Christians who were pouring into the region to join militias fighting the Islamic State group.

But instead of answering the question, al-Sibai chose to use his airtime to spout his radical Islamic agenda.

Because of limited time, Karaki very kindly asked the Muslim man to stay on topic, like any good anchor would. But he kept going on what he thought was the best topic for her show.

Karaki, slightly agitated, again reminded him to stay on topic and that’s when his true, radical Islamic characterreared its ugly head.

He shouted at Karaki, saying, “Are you done? Shut up, so I can talk. It’s beneath me to be interviewed by you. You are a woman who …”

She reminded the ill-mannered, sexist Muslim that it was her show and that unless there was a “mutual respect” then the interview was essentially over. He kept up his tirade, ranting and raving about male superiority and Karaki pulled the plug.

Watch the entire interview here — it really has to be seen to be believed — courtesy of IJ Review:

In those few minutes, Karaki showed millions of Muslim women that there are women out there who are fighting back, ones who refuse to be second-class citizens in today’s modern world.

We applause her efforts — although we’re pretty sure she’d keep on doing her thing whether we approved or not.
—Courtesy of The Conservative Tribune

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