In a move that shows simultaneously how classless and hypocritical the Ferguson race baiters truly are, protesters Thursday night taunted local law enforcement officers with racist epithets and name calling.

In stark contrast to these churlish thugs, the video below shows the officers calmly standing their ground like the true professionals they are.

Warning: the language in this video is offensive to anyone other than race-baiting thugs.

Just try to imagine what would happen if a white police officer were caught on camera using this language while arresting protesters.

Tensions are high in Ferguson, Mo., as the region — and, indeed, the entire nation — awaitthe results of a grand jury investigation into the shooting death of Michael Brown by Officer Darren Wilson. Leaked testimony seems increasingly to indicate that Wilson will be exonerated in Brown’s death, and some elements among the demonstrators in Fergusonhave promised further violence if that is the case.

Regardless of the ultimate outcome, lives have been changed, some forever, by riots and demonstrations that have occurred in the months since Brown’s Aug. 9 death.

And racist slurs from these classless demonstrators aren’t making anything any better.

Courtesy of Conservative Tribune

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