This Is The Video That Got Donald J. Trump Elected as President of The United States of America (VIDEO)

Donald Trump just lived the American Dream.

He’s just a business guy who wanted to become President of the United States and he overcame adversary (liberals and violent democrats) to defeat his opponent, Hillary Clinton.

Without cheating.

Without fraud.

Without letting distractions derail his business plan to attack and win the biggest seat in America, Donald Trump has surfaced a victor.

But I thought Trump was a racist?

No. Trump has not ever been called a racist in his entire life until he gained traction while driving his campaign over the weaker GOP candidates. If anyone calls Trump a racist because he wants to prevent ILLEGAL immigrants from sustaining a life in America, then they’re hypocrites because the Clinton’s said the same thing years ago. Coming to America legally is fine. Please come here and prosper, but at least fill out the paperwork. On the contrary, I would be fine will illegal immigrants who work hard and provide and produce for our country. That’s a LOT more than most of the degenerate welfare queens provide. You know, those women with nine kids, eight fathers, and none of the people WORK? I say we ship those losers out of America, take in the hard working immigrants, and make America really great. Immigrants came to America and developed what we call America. And don’t give me the Christopher Columbus discovered it BS. He didn’t discover anything. It was already here and he just invaded it and slaughtered people. Screw Colombus. But, nothing we can do about that anymore. No one alive today was part of that travesty, so there’s no point harking on it. Kinda like how people should STFU about slavery. Neither you nor I were there. We weren’t slaves nor slave owners. We live now, not then. Bring on the good immigrants and ship out the lazy bums!

But I thought Trump was a misogynist and sexist?

Trump did very well with women voters. The reason is because the same nonsense, generic, rather stupid things that Trump said in his lifetime about women is the same nonsense that tons of men in America say. Guys who are uncles, fathers, sons, etc – lots of guys talk dirty about women. And for every guy who talks dirty about women, there’s ten women who talk dirty about men. Let’s be honest with ourselves for just once – we’re all a little bit dirty sometimes. If we weren’t then who’s reading 50 Shades of Gray and why are adult websites some of the most visited links in America? Because we’re all so well-mannered, how could that be? Because deep down inside, we’re all a filthy rotten pig sometimes and we’ve all said something rather naughty at one point in our life.

But I thought Trump talked bad about women?

Trump can’t stand Rosie O’Donnell and Megyn Kelly. That’s two women he can’t stand, and I’m sure a lot of people can’t stand them. Rosie is rather gross. Megyn is annoying. I’m very confident that anyone reading this can name at least one person they can’t stand. I dislike protesters and the women on The View and I don’t like women when they wear pant suits. I think pant suits are hideous and from the early 90’s and are just as bad as men wearing zCavaricci pants from the 80’s. Am I a terrible person because I don’t like someone? Nah. I have a opinion and I am OK sharing it. We don’t all have to like each other and our President elect doesn’t have to either.

But I thought Trump was a rapist?

Nope. Charges dropped. She made it all up. If you want to get into it though, doesn’t Bill Clinton have a lot more accusers who have shown up IN PERSON to state their case? Yes. Seems some people forgot about that when they were voting for Hillary. Why would you vote for Hillary when she might bring a rapist in the White House. Doesn’t make sense to me, but hey, I didn’t vote for her. I don’t know if Bill is a rapist or not. Don’t know about his Danny illegitimate son either…maybe those are made up too?I hope Danny is his kid, that would be hilarious.

What Trump IS?

He’s entertaining. He’s annoying. He’s hard working and for some reason he won’t lose.

It’s our job, as Americans, to accept the victory and figure out how to unite and make the next four to eight years work for us.

Will protesting Trump’s victory change his mind or the electoral college votes? Nope. Just like people booing in the audience of the Super Bowl won’t change the outcome of that game either.

Only one candidate gets the trophy and Hillary lost it fair and square. There are no ties or participation awards. Just one winner and we have to accept it.

Anyone who refuses to accept the winner will find themselves living in miser as part of the problem instead of part of the plan where we make America great.

Trump won’t make America great. That’s our job.

Grow up and step up to the challenge.

Unite and make things work or you’re part of the problem.


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