VIDEO: Here’s HOW The Milwaukee Riots STARTED! (TOTAL CHAOS)

Violent protests erupted in Milwaukee on Saturday following the fatal police shooting of an armed 23-year-old black male names Sylville Smith. Police say the man shot has a “lengthy arrest record,” and that his firearm was obtained illegally in a robbery where 500 rounds of ammunition were also stolen. He had been told by police numerous times to drop his weapon, and refused, so he was shot.

Although very little was known about the actual incident, rioters took the street setting the city ablaze, crying racism and police brutality. Within a day of the shooting it was discovered that the police who killed Smith was himself black, but facts don’t really matter to those who are willing to burn their own communities to the ground to stick it to “the man.”

Well, here’s how those protests began: those rioters wanted, of all things, segregation. See the video below. At the 35-second mark, a rioter can be heard yelling to the officers, “We do not want justice or peace anymore. We done with that s—. We want blood. We want blood. We want the same shit ya’ll want. Eye for an eye. No more peace. F–k all that. Ain’t no more peace. Ain’t no more peace. We done. We cannot co-habitate with white people, one of us have to go, black or white. All ya’ll have to go!”

Yeah – apparently it’s white people’s fault when a black police officer shoot an armed black man.

Via Clash Daily

Apparently the fight for Civil Rights has completely gone full circle. People who champion the cause of anti-racism are now fighting for segregation. What a world we live in.

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