VIDEO: Hillary Clinton Laughs About The 4,424 American Troops Who Died In The Iraq War…

A disgusting video of Hillary Clinton has shown her true colors that conservatives know her to be. In a video interview she’s seen laughing about the loss of American soldiers during the Iraq War. The interview took place in 2014.

Clinton can be heard saying:

“As I say in my book I made a mistake giving the Bush administration the authority that I voted for. Just shows you how hard it is to make these choices [laughter]. Which is why I’m calling the book ‘Hard Choices [deep laughter].”

At the end of the video, she has a strong guttural laugh while pictures of fallen soldiers and their pain are shown. As if she thinks the deaths of thousands of hard working Americans who sacrificed time with their family and ultimately their life was funny. The interviewer can be seen with a somewhat disturbed look on his face. As if he’s uncomfortable and knows there is something wrong with what she said.

Look at the moment here in social media,

Four hundred and seventy two women and men were killed in Iraq who came from California. Hillary Clinton made $14 million from her book. So, not only did she think their deaths were funny, she profited off of it all.

The tweet was sent out by Republican Vice Presidential nominee Mike Pence. Many of his followers on Twitter did not take too kindly to Hillary Clinton’s deplorable and disturbing behavior. Look here.

Sometimes we wonder what goes through that cockamamie hair brained head of hers. She lives in an alternate universe truly, where she thinks this kind of behavior is alright and acceptable and nobody will call her out on it. Certainly, the mainstream liberal media won’t, but conservatives will. It’s disgraceful what she has done and it’s an embarrassment. Come November, just remember, #NeverHillary.

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