VIDEO: Hillary Shares U.S. Nuclear Response Time With The Whole World!


Hillary Clinton just shared the United States nuclear response time with the entire planet.

Thanks Hillary, now everyone knows exactly how long it takes for a nuclear weapon to be used. I wonder how that information can be used by our enemies and allies. Will that make enemies trim their nuclear response time to three minutes, that way they can annihilate the United States of America before someone presses our big red button?

Or was Hillary Clinton spreading misinformation? Maybe the time is really one minute, but she said four minutes so that our enemies think they have more time, but by the time four minutes is up, they’re burnt to a crisp like victims of Nagasaki.

Either way, the American people are NOT HAPPY!


Daily Wire – Hillary tweeted the info out earlier but with slightly different wording, specifically the phrase “can take” rather than an implying a more exact time of four minutes. Many of her defenders use that wiggle room wording, and an article from Bloomberg back in September that suggests launches can take anywhere from 5 to 15 minutes, as evidence that she wasn’t giving any information away.

I’m just curious as to why this information would be talked about at all during a heavily watched Presidential debate of 2016.

What was Hillary thinking? Did Donald Trump push her big red button? Did he trigger her into a self defense mode?

What can other countries do with this nuclear information, if this information is correct? Can they use it to do dry runs? Will they try to make their time match or beat the time of America?

Or will this little video of her talking about nuclear response times simply blow over into a basket of deplorables?

That’s Hillary’s new favorite word, right?

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