VIDEO: Huge ‘Wounded Warrior Center’ Being Built… But With a Little Detail Obama Will HATE


One town in California just announced that they’re planning something big: The largest “wounded warrior” center in the country. The facility will be used to help rehabilitate injured veterans — but instead of being a government project, it is being built by private individuals.

It’s called the National Wounded Warrior Center, and the goal is to be the premiere location in the United States for helping men and women who return from war.

According to Fox News, the proposed project in Mammoth, California will be a 28,000-square-foot facility with a variety of services for vets. Those will include physical and mental therapy for troops coming back from combat.

The plan goes beyond just therapy, however. It will also have a college and job training programs to help veterans transition to new careers.

Of course, the great location of the facility also means that attendees can enjoy outdoor activities such as skiing.

Much to the dismay of liberals, it turns out that the government doesn’t have to try to poorly solve every problem. The Mammoth project is proof of that.

It is being created by a private group called Disabled Sports Eastern Sierra, and is being funded from non-government sources.

“We know that we can work our magic here, and the mountains are healing, the community is warm and welcoming,” said Kathy Copeland, the executive director of the group. “We know we change lives, we make a difference.”

Copeland also stated, “Service members tell me the hardest part of being in the military is getting out. Our wounded, ill and injured heroes need our support!

This is definitely a great idea. Not only does it help America’s true heroes return to better lives, but it also reverses the leftist narrative that big, overreaching government is the only way to solve a problem.
—Courtesy of The Conservative Tribune

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