VIDEO: Jay Leno Has a Message About Racism That America Needs to Hear


(Conservative Tribune) Former late night all-star Jay Leno, a man missed by many since he left “The Tonight Show,” is still making the rounds when he’s not busy working on his amazing collection of vintage cars.

On Friday’s “Late Night with Seth Meyers,” Leno was asked about the changes he’s seen on college campuses while performing his comedy routine across various schools and answered, “College kids now are so politically correct.”

Leno then provided a perfect example of how indoctrinated these kids really are when he told a quick story about one of his interns on his former show. The intern informed Leno one day that he was going out for lunch and asked Leno if he wanted anything.

Like any other person would, Leno wanted to know where the young man was going for food. When the college intern answered with, “We’re getting Mexican,” Leno responded with, “I don’t really like Mexican.”

Hilariously, Leno said that the intern responded with, “Whoa, that’s kind of racist.”

“That’s not racist. No, being anti-guacamole is not racist, okay? You have no idea what racism is. That’s not racist, you idiot, you moron,” Leno said to Meyers, indicating that’s what he was thinking to himself (H/T Breitbart).

As funny as it is, it’s also incredibly sad and unfortunate that most colleges and universities nowadays are bastions of liberal ideological teaching. In modern times, students learn how to hate America and how to practice extreme political correctness.

It’s not hard to understand why these kids aren’t getting jobs straight out of college anymore. A surprisingly small number have the ambition to do much outside of protesting climate change on their MacBooks inside coffee shops that offer free Wi-Fi.

If everyone would take a step back, listen to Leno and know that’s it’s perfectly ok to say things like what he said and not be considered “racist” for it, maybe, just maybe, this country could move on to more important questions.

Like, you know — actual racism.
—Courtesy of The Conservative Tribune

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