VIDEO: Journalist Humiliates Hillary Clinton in Front of Huge Audience


From the Conservative Tribune: Much to her dismay, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton seems entirely unable to shake off her latest scandal, that of using a private email account on a private server to conduct public business.

In response to the email scandal, Hillary now finds herself being sued by the Associated Press, among others, and has ignited renewed interest in her by various House Republican Committees.

Now firmly entrenched as “The least transparent person in the world,” Hillary has actually been taking fire from all sides, even from those in the media that she assumed would give her a free pass.

Recently, Hillary made a half-hearted effort to reach out to the media, not to come clean or fill them in on everything, but to beg for another chance with them by offering flat jokes and hollow promises about future transparency, without taking any questions.

The purported mea culpa by Hillary came at a recent awards event for a political reporters organization, but while her remarks drew a few laughs, it is just as likely that the reporters were laughing at her, and not with her.

According to the Washington Free Beacon, Dan Balz of the Washington Post took the opportunity of his own speech to take a quick shot at Hillary, drawing laughter and applause from the crowd of journalists in the room.

Balz said, “Secretary Clinton, thank you for continuing to sit here through this.  I didn’t expect that you were going to be here.”

“I’m happy to yield my time back to you if you want to take some questions,” he added, as the crowd burst into laughter.

Dan Balz was obviously having a little fun at the former secretary’s expense.

That being said, there is certainly an element of truth to his joke, and more reporters need to point out Hillary’s secrecy and lack of transparency, two qualities that nearly all Americans are beyond tired of seeing in our political leaders.

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