BREAKING VIDEO Of Keith Lamont Getting Shot- Video Taken By His Wife

The shooting of Keith Scott by the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department prompted riots throughout the city. The rioters claimed to be protesting the injustice of Scott’s death, after it was originally reported that Scott was unarmed. The police department, however, reported that Scott did, in fact, have a gun. Either way, it mattered not to the rioters; they looted businesses, committed arson, sent numerous police officers to the hospital, violently attacked members of the media, and have even murdered at least one person.

Now, new footage of the fatal encounter between Scott and the police has just been released: the cell phone video shot by Scott’s wife, Rakeyia.

Fox News hosts discussed the video.

The video does not show Scott in the moments before he was shot, nor does it show the officers who shot him. The gunshots can be heard on the video, but the shooting itself is also not seen. Rakeyia Scott is heard pleading with officers not to shoot her husband, screaming that he had a TBI (traumatic brain injury) and telling them that he was not a threat. The officers can also be heard repeatedly telling him to drop the gun. After the gunshots can be heard, Scott asks, “Did you shoot him?” She then recorded the officers standing over her husband’s body, saying, “These are the police officers that shot my husband, and he better live. He better live. Because he didn’t do nothing to them.”

An attorney representing the Scott family says that while Scott did refuse to obey several commands, he did not behave aggressively towards the officers or raise his hands to them at any time during the incident. The police department maintains that Scott had a gun and was a threat to the officers.

The new footage was discussed on “America’s Election HQ” on Fox News, by Melissa Francis, Gregg Jarrett, and Eric Guster. All agreed that the wife’s cell phone footage is ambiguous, and that the police department needs to release their footage so the matter can finally be settled. The department has the dash cam and body cam footage from the shooting, but has refused to release it. “[T]here’s a public safety concern that overrides any compromise to the investigation,” Jarrett said. “[The videos] should have been released a long time ago.”

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