Horrifying Video Is Leaked Out Of Europe Showing How Islamic Immigration Has Taken Over Nation

Somehow the transformation from a European town to what you see on this video just puts a real bad taste in our throat. It does not look like a European town at all…

It’s so far from what you would expect if you were a visitor that it’s disturbing and very perplexing. This entire migration-driven change, in fact, it’s more shocking than any other changes many of us has seen so far.

This seems to be the attitude of the residents as well, at least, the older ones, not anger, or hostility but complete bafflement as to how such a huge thing could have erupted into their peaceful lives, without anyone warning or even checking in to ask them about what seems to be a surprise takeover

Europeans have been watching this change for many years already and they got used to way back when the former mill towns of Yorkshire and Lancashire, with their now gigantic mosques and veiled women.

This town is situated in DEEP England…if it can happen there, it can happen everywhere.

Now the Prime Minister wants to say…oh wait hey, ‘this must stop’ …. come on now, that’s just stupid. Besides even is anyone still believed that he can or will even do anything about what is going on, it’s obviously too late.

Watch this video…it’s already happening, there is nothing that can be done now.

This is proof that one of the greatest mass migrations has taken place, and the newcomers are lawfully there. So what possible can be done about it now? Prevention, is much better than clean-up….

It is important to assist people seeking refuge….but doing so without a plan and integrating them with locals at such a fast pace with no thought as to what the consequences might be, and no plan A… let a lone plan b, c, or d? Stupid.

These migrants now have jobs, live in the houses, use the NHS. Their kids are attending the schools, and … they are paying tax. They are there to stay….and NOW PM wants to do something about it.

This is what happens when you have leaders who are decent humans, but are too afraid to know the truth… a whole lot of hindsight that is going to kick the wind out of you.

If their leading politicians really knew what was going to happen, they would have at least PRETENDED to act. Instead they sold their souls…because they never really do care what is right just who’s right.

This is what we have to be vigilant now about in our own country, but will you?

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