VIDEO: Liberal District Attorney Rosemary Lehmberg’s DWI Gone Bad and Caught on Dash Cam


Lehmberg: “I don’t care who you are but take these *$# damn handcuffs off me. Now! I mean like now! I am not drunk. I am not a criminal. I’m the *&$ damn district attorney!”


What an embarrassment to Texas and the entire legal system as a whole. This lady is in charge of upholding ethics and her behavior is off the charts crazy.

Via My Fox Austin: Sgt. Wayne Vincent, president of the Austin Police Association says after seeing the videos he feels Lehmberg should resign.

“This is law enforcement leadership having very little respect for people enforcing the laws. It’s bad,” Vincent said. “I don’t think she can maintain any credibility with the law enforcement community after anybody sees those videos and sees her behavior. It’s not about the DWI. It’s about her behavior and her treatment of people she considers inferior.”

A former assistant attorney general filed a petition in court for Lehmberg’s resignation last week.

Lehmberg’s attorney said on Friday that his client has no intentions of resigning.

Checkout the raw booking footage here, its by far the best video!



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