VIDEO: She lost a leg in combat, and was given a second chance at life.


Layka WardogUS Army Staff Sergeant Julian McDonald and his k9, Layka were stationed in Afghanistan. On a routine patrol McDonald sent Layka into search an uncleared building. Layka entered the building first and was shot four times by an insurgent wielding an AK-47.

Because she had entered the building first, ahead of McDonald, she ultimately saved his life.

McDonald brought her back home, then adopted her into his family, she became a key part of the McDonald household.

McDonald explained his passion for Layka:

[quote_box_left]”On the day Layka got shot in May, instantly I felt a sense of urgency to fix her,” said McDonald. “I owe this dog every moment that I have, from here on out, with my son, with my mother, with my family. I owe her everything.”

She saved my life, that’s why I’m here, so I owed it to her to save her life. And that’s why I wanted to adopt her. And that’s why I fought so hard to adopt her, even though people were saying, “No, she’s too aggressive.”[/quote_box_left]

A truly inspirational story that shows the compassion our warriors have for their four-legged friends.

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