VIDEO: Malia Obama Twerking, Grinding And Flashing Her Booty At Lollapalooza

Hey, teenagers are going to be teenagers right? Should the first family kids be set apart from all others and live up to higher standards just because they are the first family kids?

Yes. Yes they should.

Just like the President should live up to a higher standard than most men, same for the First Lady, and again the same goes for the First Children. That is just how things are.

Was this display of teenage booty shaking going too far for Malia?

You be the judge.

Wait before you make any kind of judgments…there is more.

I can’t say I really have an opinion on this, mostly because she never asked for her Dad to run for an office that he had no right ever running for. Also…she just barely turned 18. Her actions still reflect the upbringing her parents gave her.

So if she wants to shake her booty, well then, let her shake what her mama gave her….and her Father taught her by pure example. Which is simply… do what you ‘feel’ like doing, when you want, without a thought about what the consequences maybe. After all, it’s all about ‘feeling’ not common sense or facts.

That’s how he runs his country, so why not his children?

Well needless to say, twitter DOES have an opinion of Malia’s behavior…

The truth is, this behavior is not going to phase Obama lovers. In fact, this will just tickle them pink. Why? Because they will think he’s just that much ‘cooler’ now. It’s not merit, integrity, or ability to be a great leader that his followers care about. No, for them, it’s all about the level of ‘hip’ that matters.

Boy will they get a rude awakening when they learn there is no level of ‘cool hip’ that can save them when the enemy comes knocking.

The office of U.S. President is not a popularity contest… no matter how Hollywood tries to make it seem it is.

Go ahead Malia…twerk your way into adulthood. Just make sure your Daddy and all his stuff is OUT of the White House come January 2017.

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