VIDEO: Man Gives Homeless Man $100, Follows Him… Here’s What He Bought

A nice feel good story feels, well… good! Every once in a while. Especially considering the current state of affairs in the world today we could always use some nice cheering up. So here is a good one for you. Josh Paler Lin gave a homeless man a $100 bill. He chose to follow him once he did to see what he got. Well, Lin was not surprised when he stopped at the liquor store and walked out with several bags.

Watch here,

They followed the homeless man longer and he went to a park where other homes so people gathered too. He had walked for a few miles. But what he did next shocked Lin surprisingly. From the bags of what Lin thought was liquor the man pulled out food from the store and proceeded to share with the others.

When Lin went up to the homeless man and revealed himself he admitted what his firs thoughts were when the man went into the liquor store. The homeless man was quick to point out that not all homeless people are drug addicts or alcoholics. More importantly it showed that homeless people get bad reputations but you cannot stereotype them.

They are viewed as lazy, uneducated, unhygienic, and more of a nuisance. But they cannot be placed in a box because they are multifaceted people. They deserve respect, they love and are loved just like the rest of us but they are simply down on their luck. It is easy and simple to judge a book by its cover but this just goes to show they you never should because what you assume is never the full story or even the truth.


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