VIDEO: Meet The BADASS Marine That Headed BACK To Iraq To Slay Islamic Terrorist

Doing the job that Obama neglects to do.


Now this is an American hero defending freedom, and taking out the Islamic trash. 

(Mad World News) As President Obama continues to allow for American citizens to be killed without repercussion, it seems that not everyone feels the same way. According to recent reports, American veterans, such as former Marine Patrick Maxwell, are flying over to Kurdistan on their own accord to join in the fight against ISIS.

The New York Times reports that Maxwell was deployed to Anbar Province back in 2006 but never actually laid eyes on the enemy. “We patrolled every day, got shot at, mortared, hit by I.E.D.s, one of my friends was killed,” he explained. “But I never saw the enemy, never fired a shot.”

He finally left the Marines in 2011 with an honorable discharge but claims to miss that part of his life, saying, “I may not be enlisted anymore, but I’m still a warrior.” Just last fall that feeling became too much to bear as he went about his business in Austin, Texas, where he realized he wanted to get back in the fight against the enemy that eluded him for so long.

Making sure not to align himself with a questionable force against ISIS, he contacted a lieutenant in the Peshmerga over social media. Pointing out the remarkable ease he had making the plans, Maxwell simply packed his military gear, bought a ticket, and boarded the plane.

Meet The BADASS Marine That Headed BACK To Iraq To Slay ISIS With The Kurds

“It was surprisingly easy, I just booked a commercial airline ticket and told my clients I was going backpacking in Asia,” he said.

Once there he met and became friends with a Canadian veteran named Dillon Hillier, who served in Afghanistan. During a later phone interview with The New York Times, Hillier stated, “We both thought it was important to help, to not sit back and watch it happen.”

Meet The BADASS Marine That Headed BACK To Iraq To Slay ISIS With The Kurds

The two fought together for about 7 weeks until American Special Operations forces spotted him within the ranks of Peshmerga fighters in Kirkuk. At that time, the State Department informed militia leaders that American civilians were not to be on the front lines fighting with ISIS.

The Kurds listened, and Mr. Maxwell and Mr. Hillier flew home out of frustration. “There was no point being there,” Maxwell went on to say. “Politics had gotten in the way.” Assuming he’d be detained upon arriving back home, he was pleasantly surprised when he was allowed to pass through customs unhindered.

Although the State Department “does not support” Americans joining Kurdish fighters in the fight against ISIS, apparently it is not illegal. At this time, the YPG Kurdish militia reports that there are more than 100 Americans fighting with them.

Just because Obama is too much of a coward to do what is right, doesn’t mean the rest of the world is.

—Courtesy of Mad World News

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