VIDEO: Military Wife, Amy Buschatz Has a Little Message for ISIS Terrorists Trying to Threaten Her


Military spouse Amy Buschatz was one of six spouses who received a tweet from someone claiming to be affiliated with the Islamic State group.

The six spouses talked to CNN about whether they had changed their social media habits because of terrorism threats.

Someone claiming to be a part of the terror group and using the hash tag “Cyber Caliphate” sent Bushatz a tweet that read, “Amy Bushatz! You think you’re safe but the IS is already here, #CyberCaliphate got into your PC and smartphone.”

“I think that anybody who gets a direct contact from someone even claiming to be a part of a terrifying terrorist organization would feel fear, and that’s what I felt,” said Buschatz.

“I felt a little afraid,” Buschatz continued. “But I think that the difference is between being afraid and acting afraid.”

Buschatz said she is going to continue to live her life, “Fear is a natural reaction, but I’m not going to act afraid.”

According to Buschatz, authorities are investigating the threat, Fox News reported.

Buschatz also said she got some good advice from her husband. “Well, don’t let any terrorists in the house today,” he told her.

Once again the Islamic State group shows its cowardice with its attempts to terrorize innocent civilians.

Hopefully in the future America will have a leader who not only acknowledges the threat of radical Islam but also is willing to do what it takes to end it, so that that threats like this become a thing of the past.
—Courtesy of The Conservative Tribune

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