HILARIOUS Video Mocks Liberals’ Sudden Concern With Executive Power

I can’t help but get a kick out of all the headlines expressing concern of the possibility of Donald Trump violating the Constitution in the White House. It’s amazing that for the past eight years the President abusing his power hasn’t seemed to be much of a concern at all – and now they’re afraid over what a man who isn’t even President yet might do.

When Obama passed 23 executive orders on gun control because the House and Senate refused to comply with his unconstitutional gun-control policies, we didn’t hear a peep. Why? Because liberals are fine with violating the Constitution so long as its for an end goal that they like.

As Louder With Crowder reports:

Unchecked executive power was the cat’s pajamas under President Obama. Now that President Trump can have those same powers and play by those same rules? You could say it’s a come to Jesus moment. Except leftists find Jesus triggering.

Please enjoy this short film illustrating just how amusing it can be…

“Recently, many left-leaning people have become (randomly) concerned about reigning in executive power, a mass event not seen since the beginning years of the Bush presidency. This concern manifests itself in suddenly questioning the ability of the president to unilaterally order military action, including drone strikes, air strikes, special forces, etc. It also comes across as questioning whether just maybe executive actions aren’t the best way to govern with impunity, or that lists like the No-Fly List and programs like the NSA’s PRISM could potentially be bad when leaders who aren’t Barack Obama are President,” the video description reads.

One excerpt: “When I first heard about the NSA’s PRISM surveillance program, I closed my eyes and pictured President Obama personally looking through my emails and internet search history. It made me feel warm inside!”

Funny stuff.

Maybe Trump’s presidency will lead to liberals ACTUALLY bothering to read the Constitution – who knows!

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