VIDEO: MSNBC Anchor Horrified When Interview With Black Voter Goes Horribly Wrong

Black voter supports Trump… MSNBC hosts DUMBFOUNDED!! LOL. Ya gotta love this.

Even with the relegation of Rev. Al “What’s This Here Thing Called a Teleprompter?” Sharpton to a Sunday morning slot (when most of its liberal viewers are nursing an atomic hangover), MSNBC is still my favorite spot for unintentional humor on the cable news dial.

Sure, the people at MSNBC may be trying to reform their image as a fifth column for the left and become a semi-serious news network again. However, try as they might, the DNA of a failed liberal experiment is still all over the network.

Take this wonderful exchange in the video below, aired on the network Monday.

It all happened during a segment on Trump’s alleged racism.

The network had David Corn, the Washington bureau chief for the far left magazine Mother Jones, on with anchor Tamron Hall to discuss David Duke’s “endorsement” of Trump. Of course, Trump had disavowed it, but that wasn’t enough for the anchor or the Mother Jones bureau chief.

That’s when they showed video of one of Trump’s black supporters talking about Duke’s “endorsement.”

“David Duke and people like that they come out from under the rocks this time this year,” the Trump supporter said. “It got nothing to do with Donald Trump. We’re all Americans. We need to stop with all this racist stuff.”

He then pointed to the white man next to him. “Like me and my friend right here,” the man said. “We just met today and we gotta stop with the racist stuff.”

As soon as the hosts regained a bit of composure, they made sure to point out that most of Trump’s supporters aren’t African-American (although it’s worth pointing out that he’s made significant inroads among African-Americans).

Well, duh. African-Americans make up less than 13 percent of the American population. They don’t make up “most” of the supporters of any candidate from either party.

They went right on with the Trump bashing unabated, although visibly chastised.

Social media had a good laugh over the backfire.

And then there was this.

Ah, MSNBC. Try as you might, but you’ll still be the best news network for eliciting laughs when you don’t want them.

H/T The Gateway Pundit

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